2018 Lascaux Review prize in poetry 
Cheerleaders Practicing in Eveleth, MN 

new from Broadstone Books in 2019

The Stillness of Certain Valleys

Advance Praise for ‘The Stillness of Certain Valleys'

Salner's lyrical poems give us the physical world, its roughness and beauty, and the life it sustains—the miner, the immigrant grandmother, The Stillness of Certain Valleys—and they bring us closer to ourselves and who we were in the rapidly fading 20th century. His work is a treasure for us of this lesser century.

--Greg McBride, Editor, Innisfree Poetry Journal


David Salner's poems are full of fresh and evocative images....[He] invites his readers in with his exact language and surprising metaphor. The music of these poems is often subtly beautiful, using assonance and alliteration to tie together stanzas and ideas. Salner's work bears reading over and over as we discover how many layers these seemingly simple worlds have.

--Anne Colwell, Poetry Editor of the Delmarva Review

Blue Morning Light


“  … clear-eyed, luminous poems. Longing permeates this book, the language thrumming with desire…. these poems ache their way toward revelation with a startling clarity and brilliance.”

—Elizabeth Knapp, author The Spite House


“Whether elegizing his grandfather’s skill with a scythe or reinterpreting the images of realist painter George Bellows or capturing the rhythm of the American worker … David Salner is a writer with vision, with an ear for beautiful sound.”

 —Denton Loving, author of Crimes Against Birds, editor

"David Salner is a storyteller at heart whose poems are redolent with the power of understatement and close observation.... Salner's lines have the taste and smell of truth." --Innisfree Poetry Journal


"Depicts the lives of working men and women with empathy but without sentimentality.... Salner's work honors the material realities of the demanding 'here' in which so many people live and work."--Now & Then, Appalachian heritage magazine

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"David Salner has translated his original source material, related to the American folk-hero, John Henry, into a series of sometimes revelatory but always accessible and moving poems."--Ron Offen, editor Free Lunch



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